Nov 18, 2008

When it rains ...

Aloha, faithful visitor. It's nice of you to stop by the House of Good Living.

Your timing couldn't be better; the rain appears to be over and the leak in the ceiling has slowed to just a few drips a minute. Now we can catch up without the wind blowing the door open and gusting the pillows off the furniture.

These storms sure do make life interesting. And damp. And maybe, just maybe, they bring on a touch of cabin fever. 568 square feet goes from cozy to cell-like when occupied by two frustrated (don't forget damp) leaky ceiling-obsessed people.

But the sun finally showed up. You stopped by, too. And together we can enjoy the return of calm and the hibiscus blossoms I rescued from the rain. When you drop by next we may even have time to get around to discussing Greg's shrimpish news.

1 comment:

  1. ooh I love your small living. We live in a 480 square foot place in Germany (just moved here). We're remodeling it (and blogging about it!) to fit us better, so reading about your passion for small living is such a breath of fresh air. You make it feel like an amazing experience, which is exactly what we're hoping for one day.
    Thank you for that.