Nov 25, 2008

And he thought fish were his friends

The men of the House of Good Living took to the deep again today. Their destination: the Five Graves dive spot near Makena in south Maui. Maybe it was the name or perhaps it was just his time. Whatever the reason, it wasn't long after entering the water that An Adventure Ensued.

This is what I've learned from eyewitness accounts:

The dive was proceeding as planned when suddenly, out of the deep, the Butterfly fish swarmed (schooled?) around Greg. Overwhelmed with fluttery, finny yellowness, his eyes grew big and his hair stood on end. A photo was taken and then another as Greg disappeared within their midst.

The man who chases sharks, the man who wakes up turtles, my fearless shell warrior (sigh) was nearly obliterated by pretty aquarium fish.

Not to worry, he's okay now. No damage was done and the buddies are already planning their next underwater excursion.

Once again, most grateful mahalos to Jeff for the photographic record of the adventure


  1. Vanessa, I don't think we are actually in the South Pacific. I think we might be in the North Pacific.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and look forward to more pictures of your home. Our house is 513 sq ft (occupants are me, my two kids, and a large kitty cat) and I'm always looking for space saving ideas! LOVE your "front yard"!