Nov 25, 2008

Finding the happy

Playing in the dirt makes me feel good. I'm pleased when what I put in the dirt actually grows. You can imagine my delight when growth becomes blossom.

As a participant in a "living small" exercise, I've had to scale down my garden accordingly. The sprawling mainland garden with fire pit has been replaced by two pots of mystery plants and yet another "treasure" Greg discovered in the dumpster downstairs.

My capacity for enjoying life has been challenged of late by anxiety our nation's climate of crisis has generated. The House of Good Living can create it's own bad juju, too. Combine worry with resentment, add tweaky hormones and this Taurus needs dirt to dig in.

So, I fuss with my plants. I admire a new bloom and dribble a little water around the roots. Then, at dusk we light the pint-sized chiminea and, looking for Jupiter before it drops behind Lanai, I count my blessings.


  1. What a fun little garden!

  2. At first glance I thought you had a plant growing out of the top of the chiminea. Just some tricky photography!