Nov 6, 2008

Going to the Far Side

There are obvious contrasts between our life on the mainland and life on Maui: Here we have sun, shorts and sandals while our pals back in Shelter Bay are splashing about in soggy fleece (oh yeah, I wasn't going to rub that in ... oops). And, since shipping it over, our island Exploder stays parked more days than not as we try to use the bikes (mahalo, Cruiser Phil & cuz'n Cyn) and walk more than we drive.

A big day here on the island is a trip to the "Far Side". That's what Greg calls the general area in central Maui where Shopping World (substitute the Big Box stores of your choice) takes up space. It's not a long drive by Puget Sound standards, maybe 60 miles roundtrip if we have to drive around a few lots looking for parking. But the exercise in consumption can take an entire day and may leave us not feeling much aloha for each other.

The outcome of a Far Side excursion is significantly distinct from a mainland trip's results. Our Maui bounty (if we visit Mino & Jeremy on our drive) includes island-grown papaya, starfruit, avocado, and grapefruit. Greg's favorite post-trip pupu is freshly prepared tako poke limu (raw octopus with seaweed - tasty if you enjoy tentacles & brine) While our evening meals are likely seasoned with Huli-Huli sauce accompanied by two scoops of rice.

Reading today's report of record rainfall for Seattle, I'm gratefully celebrating the delicious differences between my two worlds.

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