Nov 3, 2008

Hanging around, bamboo-style

What I love about living in a small space on a tropical island ...

  • housekeeping chores take just minutes to complete (sweep up the sand, throw away the papaya skins, mist the orchid - okay, all done)
  • anything which gets misplaced is quickly found because it's either hanging on the lanai or on the entry table
  • there's a view of the ocean from any chair I choose to sit in

What I don't love about living in a small space ...

  • it only takes one wet towel slung on the lanai to create disorder

Thus, Greg went on a bamboo hunt and returned (from the dumpster downstairs) with 3 long pieces of bamboo. My chore was to cut one of the pieces into 2 foot long "rungs" and then use hemp to tie all the pieces together into a drying rack/bamboo ladder. It now rests in a corner of the lanai next to Greg's other dumpster treasure the horrible "Dead Palm Tree" floor lamp which he loves like no other.

We should be in good shape if we ever get stranded and need to build a raft to escape. But the floor lamp stays on the island.

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