Nov 10, 2008

"Mahalo for removing you slippahs ...

... but no take mo bettah when you leave."
So reads one of the placards alongside a door here at the House of Good Living.

It was "Sunday Dinner at Shirley's" last evening and I noticed that no one needed to be reminded of appropriate guest etiquette. It could be that we've all had a proper upbringing. But, most likely it's because Shirley has the sort of carpet you just want to dig your bare toes into.

Imagine the setting: we're* dining alfresco on Shirley's lanai perched just feet from the ocean with a setting sun all aglow and waves breaking against the reef.

Now, the meal: Shirley's homemade meatballs with pasta, a herb-adorned salad, SueAnn's awesome antipasti platter, garlicky bread, Peg's positively decadent chocolate cake - the most comforting of comfort food.

Who wouldn't want to get barefoot for all that?

*We're 10 neighbors here at Hale Ono Loa who are a mix of full-time, half-time or quarter-time residents

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