Nov 4, 2008

Octopus, eel and golf ball, oh my!

I'm probably not the only resident at Hale Ono Loa who sometimes feels as if our piece of paradise bears a eerie similarity to Oz, that place "somewhere over the rainbow" where one can't be certain what's real and what's a dream. We'll leave for another post the exploration of characters and their Maui counterparts (can I be Glinda - please, please, please?), and ignore completely those freaky flying monkeys ....

Just a couple of hours ago I skipped down our yellow brick road (brown concrete steps, actually) and slid (it's okay, I meant to do that) submerging myself in our front yard - the Pacific Ocean. I was wearing my lucky mask and snorkel which never leak and always provide me with interesting underwater discoveries. Today was no exception - within a kick or two I was happily floating over a fishy melodrama complete with malevolent eel and youthfully energetic octopus. Suddenly my eye was caught by the unexpected - a sea cucumber nestled alongside a golf ball next to a purple coral.
What a wonderful world, Mr. Wizard.

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