Nov 16, 2008

Swimming with sharks

The men of the House of Good Living went diving yesterday. Deftly led by master (oops, almost typed "mustard") diver Jeff, they went adventuring in search of the white tip sharks which rest and feed (eek!) among the pilings of Mala Wharf.

They warmed up with a visit to the turtle nursery where Greg posed with a couple of honu including a napping youngster. Aren't they cute?! Most grateful mahalos to Jeff for the photos.

It apparently didn't take long to roust out one the multi-toothed staples of ocean-based horror movies. And, then the guys pursued the beast. Sheeezz... why not just poke it with a stick while you're at it?

My idea of risky beach behavior is opting for spf 15 instead of 30 while my husband and friend decide to amuse themselves by annoying Jaws. Even though Greg assured me that they were perfectly safe he described the shark as being roughly the size of our kitchen counter. After which he proceeded to run with scissors.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like it was a great dive! I loved the pictures with the honu and wondered if this was another fish story? No pictures posing with the white tip sharks? What happened?