Nov 13, 2008


Calm water and good visibility? check
Paddles and swimsuit? check, check
Kayak drain holes plugged? Uhhh...oops.
A dash up to the kitchen where a wine bottle sacrifices its cork for the cause of flotation and then we're off for our paddle.

My yakking partner is Lisa-of-the-seas. She has an impressive ability to spot swimming honu and spinning dolphins AND matched sets of cowrie shells. Gifted at all things water, golf, and nursing-related, it doesn't seem fair that she gets to add talented shell collector to her resume.

Atop borrowed kayaks (mahalo, Dave & Derek) we spend a leisurely hour yakking along the shore until, tempted by a perfect crescent of sand, we abandon ship and float sans-watercraft in the waves.

Sometimes it's not the direction of my journey but the drifting along the way that feels right.


  1. Gusty winds and darkness? check
    Wool hat and parka? check check
    Running shoes? check
    That's how my day started...
    None more days and we'll be flying to warmth and sun in Southern CA!

  2. Hahaha! I'm with Ter; I'm still in my workout gear following a run in the snow (only a little, but still!). I don't get to join them in the desert for Thanksgiving, but I'll be there for Christmas!