Dec 3, 2008

Overheard on the beach today ...

"There's sand in the poop deck!"

This statement was loudly made by a boy as he launched his inflatable water toy. He later identified himself as "Sir Cheeky Head Pirate, in search of treasure."

Da vog

As Kilauea continues to vent over on the big island of Hawaii and West Maui's trade breezes die away to puffs we get steamy afternoons and remarkable pastel sunsets.

The daytime sky takes on the appearance of a mid-winter day in the Pacific Northwest when the vog (volcanic smog) settles in. If it weren't for the palms and 80 degree ocean water, you might think you're on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

To consider that this atmosphere is created by an active volcano on an island just over there can give one pause. So I don't think about it. I just take pictures when the sunset is particuarily lovely and turn the ceiling fan to "high".

Dec 2, 2008

Meet my friend the mo'o

The house geckos who live here at the House of Good Living have become especially rambunctious of late.

Commonly known in Hawaii as mo'o (pronounced mow-o), these little bug-zapping machines make their homes behind mirrors and pictures and in the lanai closet. They dart about quickly and gobble up unsuspecting gnats, punctuating their meals with chirps of delight (or terror, I suppose, if pursued by larger and hungrier members of their own species).

Our usual trade breezes disappeared this afternoon and Big Island vog is rolling in, bringing the moist, warm pineapple-scented air that sends bugs swirling. The mo'o party line is probably buzzing excitedly at the prospect of their big buffet tonight.