Dec 29, 2011

Fixin' Things

There seems to be some concern amongst our mainland friends that all we do at The House of Good Living is hang out in the sun and surf. Nothing could be further from the truth. Really.

While it's true that part (okay, the bulk) of each day is set aside for R&R, we also have to spend time fixin' things. Each time we return to our little piece of paradise it seems something has broken in our time away. Thus begins the adventure in repairs, island-style. First, identify the parts needed. Second, determine if locating said parts will require a drive over to the Far Side of the island. And then, head to the beach to contemplate how long we can put off the project.

Today was a big day in the fixin' business; we had screen doors to get back on track, shower drains to snake and a favorite clock that refused to tock. Thanks to the help of handyman/neighbor/all-around great guy Jeffery, tasks one and two proceeded as planned. Well, except for that whole plumbing-snake-stuck-in-drain-then-exploding-in-Greg's-face part.

Task three went a different, less successful direction. Oh well. Who needs a clock anyway? Let's go to the beach!

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