Dec 21, 2011

Hat Daddy

Look who arrived this afternoon! The rain went away and the sun came out just for him.

Dad showed up from PDX right on time sporting a vintage Aloha shirt. We knew there was no way we could fit Home Depot floor tiles, groceries, luggage AND Dad into the convertible so he cruised from the Far Side in style thanks to the Corliss's big rig (thanks for getting Dad here, J & J!).

We've got big plans for his week with us: an Atlantis Submarine trip, a visit to the Maui Ocean Center, walks on the Kahekili boardwalk, touring the Bailey House Museum, maybe even taking a Zipline. You've been taking those vitamins, Dad?!

This year we're taking a pass on the usual Christmas practices; we've agreed that a traditional holiday without Mom to celebrate with is just too hard. That's why we're looking forward to sharing "Sunday Dinner at Shirley's" with Dad. This weekend the delicious, heart-warming event falls on Christmas Day - lucky us!

It's a blessing to have Dad in the House of Good Living tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Floor tiles? You have us wondering.... Tile is on our shopping list for this coming weekend.