Dec 11, 2011

Three years, one week and a day ...

...has elapsed since my last blog post. I had to paw through cobwebby corners and brush all the dust off before I could even open up this poor, abandoned place of ours. It's GOOD to be back!

When last we visited, the House of Good Living was undergoing the kind of extensive renovation project that leaves inhabitants feeling very little aloha. That's all pau (done/finished/over in Hawaiian) thank goodness. Sadly, the magic of this place went missing when health and mainland issues allowed us only short visits back to paradise.

Now, back on the island, with the sound of waves and rustle of palms to soothe and long morning beach walks to awaken, I'm so pleased to announce that the House of Good Living's door is wide open. We can't wait for you to visit!

(couldn't resist sharing our morning papaya with you - mmmm!)

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