Dec 18, 2011

Turtle time

One of the *many* cool aspects of life at the House of Good Living is the unusual set of neighbors we're given.

The Honokowai Honu who visit the breakfast buffet on our ocean reef provide us with daily entertainment. Calm mornings can bring up to a dozen green sea turtles. An afternoon's snorkel will generally result in a couple of turtle encounters.

The Turtle Trax folks on YouTube are the same researchers who've documented the resident turtles (many of which migrate between Maui and the French Frigate Shoals nearly 500 miles away). If you're wondering why I endlessly enthuse about floating with these sea creatures, check out this video of our reef's largest inhabitant "Zeus".

During yesterday's snorkel at Kapalua Bay, I came across a young Honu who was just waking up from his nap under a coral shelf. He yawned in my face when he emerged from his hidey hole. With a sweep of his fins to the surface he swam for a little air before circling around his patch of sea bottom and returning to his napping spot. His afternoon activity was remarkable similar to Greg's. No wonder I find them so entertaining.

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