Dec 19, 2011

Upcountry Ohana

Know this guy? No? Well, here's an intro if you haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting our Maui cuz'n, Mistah Bubba McLean.

Bub's a fourth generation Hawaiian, son to Bruno and Cyn, brother to Mino. He's an Olympic-caliber pole vaulter (holds the Hawaii State record and is a two-time National champ), graduate of Berkley in Pol. Science and is in his second year of the prestigous USC Film School. A fearless waterman with a deep respect for the ocean, Bubba fishes commercially in Alaska during the summer when not surfing or paddling between the islands of Hawaii. He's helped a friend survive a shark attack. He's too cool for words; we get our vicarious thrills through his exploits.

Bubba's a genuinely great guy with a huge heart and sharp mind and, best of all, he's part of the family or "ohana" we love the most here on Maui. They're spread between the north-side jungles of Haiku and Kula - that region of Maui called "upcountry" that stretches along the side of Haleakala.

Yesterday our upcountry ohana treated us to a feast. Jeremy brought Mahimahi, Ono and Ahi from Hana and added all that plus chicken and steak to the grill. Roasted fingerling potatoes, asparagus, green beans and Kula greens rounded out the meal. The whole wonderful troupe was there and we were honored/delighted/blessed to spend the day in their warm embrace. The House of Good Living had to stretch it's physical limits a bit in order to take in an upcountry address but boy, are we sure glad it did. Mahalo, family.

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