Jan 9, 2012

Watch for us on the TeeVee today!

We're heading out to watch the final round of the PGA nament taking place just up the road. Thanks for the tickets, Thomas!

The Golf Channel live coverage has been spectacular the past three days. See if you can spot us! I'll be the one wearing the SBYC hat and rooting for Webb Simpson.

Jan 1, 2012

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

I've just had the BEST day of the year. Sure, it's also the first, but -really, truly - this whole day has been spectacular.

After breakfasting on papaya with lime (from the House of Good Living's own trees) we set to the sea in two borrowed kayaks. The water was that kind of perfectly clear teal that can't possibly be real when you see it in photographs. But it was real, and warm, and swarming (schooling?) with sea turtles. The swells picked up a bit in the two hours we were paddling. Greg surfed a couple of sets in his kayak while I did my best to hang on and stay upright in mine. Good, thrilling times.

In late afternoon we put the top down on the car and headed north to check out the surf along the untamed shoreline between Kapalua and Punalau. The coast's vividly red-rocked cliffs were at their technicolor best with the help of the setting sun while spouting whales punctuated the foreground. At the pull-out above Honolua Bay we watched surfers and Greg snapped this picture of the sun just kissing the top of Lanai.

I'm thinking this introduction to 2012 bodes well for the days to come.