Dec 27, 2012

14 Days

Two weeks ~ that's how long we've been back in the House of Good Living.  Settling into the rhythm of island life requires time.  About two weeks worth, in our case.  We have a system in place now; morning walk and/or paddle, afternoon shuffleboard, napping in the sun, occasional games of dice with Jeff and Joan's taken a while but I think we have the schedule perfected.   Here's what else has been going on the past several days (in no particular order of significance):
  • Christmas dinner at Shirley's with our House of Good Living ohana 
  • Many, many conference calls for Greg on mainland business (frowny face)
  • Overnight visit from cousin Cyn which brought us much happiness and laughter and entertainment during the Seahawks game and late night swimming and .... I needed a day of rest after she left.
  • Sunset cruise out of Lahaina which turned into an awesome whale-watching adventure with a nearly full moon rising from the West Maui mountains.  Thrilling and beautiful and filled with WHALES!
  • Beachy time at Kapalua Bay where Greg was finally able to take a swim in the ocean 
  • A dawning awareness that I may require therapy because I've fallen totally in love with the gravity-defying, balance-challenging activity called paddleboarding.  Love, love, love it.  Hurting a bit, too.  Is it wrong to love something that hurts like this?  
Sunset view of West Maui mountains over Lahaina 12/26/12

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