Dec 20, 2012

Malihini or Kama'aina?

Malihini (mah-ly-hee-nee) recent arrival/newcomer to Hawaii. 
Kama'aina (kah-mah-EYE-nah) local resident of Hawaii

It’s not difficult to spot the Malihinis at the House of Good Living.  Most commonly distinguished by bright, clean shoes (purchased without knowing that the longest lasting souvenir of Maui is red dirt), their ghostly pallor is another indication of newcomer-ness .  Conversely, so is the fiery hue of limbs left too long in the sun on the first day at the beach.   Judging by the number of high SPF lotions left in the linen closet here, most visitors are trying to avoid the vacation-souring sunburns which used to characterize holidays in Hawaii.  That’s a good thing.

We're trying to practice safe sun exposure, too.  Greg’s history with radiation and lifetime pursuit of an allover glow means he’s currently sporting enough stitches to keep him off the beach and out of the water for a few more days.  Our current rainy conditions and the Derma Doc's bathing ban has resulted in Greg putting lots of time into Shelter Bay business (note spreadsheets and calculator).  That’s good (I guess) but kinda boring for a wahine who’s lost her beach partner.

view of pool from Greg's "office"

I’ve placed an order for something that will provide quality solo water time and help me acquire Kama'aina status:  my very own stand-up paddle board!  Amazon Santa assured me of a Christmas Eve arrival.  Very, very excited here.

Lest you become worried that Greg's life is all work and no joy, here's what he gets to look at while recuperating: