Dec 24, 2012

Ocean Report

We enjoyed big surf at the House of Good Living last weekend.  The days when board-bedecked trucks start filling our parking lot and broad-shouldered surfers line up on our seawall are fun because we know we're going to get front row seats at a surfing spectacle many visitors never get to see.  

This used to be a secret surfing spot.  Where once only Vic and Dave would be out on boards, we now count dozens when the "Coconut Wireless" gets the word out about the break at Hale Ono Loa.  That's the way it goes around here.  Local knowledge may take a while to spread but it's generally right on.

Today's Kona conditions brought a marked change to ocean activity.  Crashing waves eased to a gentle susurration over the reef and we switched from watching gorgeous surfer boys to great views of our resident sea turtles.  The calm waters brought several Honu right up to the wall where they snacked on seaweed and basked in our attention (I can only presume the latter).  Apparently the Coconut Wireless that works so well for surfers also transmits a turtle channel when the buffet line is open at the House of Good Living.  

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