Dec 15, 2012

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

A and A in Kotzebue, Alaska 12/14/12
Please, bear with me a moment while I move my notebook out of the sun and into the shade cast by a palm tree.  Riiiight there .... Perfect.  Now, what was it that was I going to tell you?  Oh yeah, guess who's happy to be back in the House of Good Living?!  As much as I love our terrific and neighborly mainland community, I gotta say, trading dreary skies for azure seas makes for some serious reflection on life's blessings.

Alaskan pals (who'll be joining us in a few weeks if they haven't frozen solid by then) sent a photo yesterday which  illustrates why I'm delighted to be luxuriating in balmy 80 sun-drenched degrees on the lanai.  Hmmmm... tundra or tropical beach?
Greg in Honokowai, Hawaii 12/14/12