Dec 21, 2012

Our "End of the World"

double rainbows over reef
from House of Good Living's front door 12/20/12
It seems the Mayan calendar doesn't apply to islands in the Pacific because there's a marked absence of doom around the House of Good Living today.  Whew ... apocalypse averted.

We talk about the weather here, a lot.  Not as complaints ~ that would be insensitive ~ rather, as amazed observations in a place where a language comprised of just 12 letters can still come up with 139 ways to describe rain.   Pu'u Kukui (the mountain behind us) received over 6 inches of rainfall yesterday.  Yet just down the road in Lahaina the sprinkle was so light it barely brightened the dusty palms.  There's an explanation for this weather phenomenon having to do with windward and leeward geography; you can read about it here.

When one understands why weather is so changeable on Maui, it becomes easier to find the conditions one prefers.  Want to feel refreshed?  Head north for cooling trade breezes.  Seeking blazing hot sun?  Check out Kihei or Ma'alea beaches.  Missing the drippy Pacific Northwest?  Haiku may be the place for you!  You got choices, darling.  Exercise them.

Me?  I'm happy hanging here.  No disasters today.

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