Dec 28, 2012

Pau Hana

Pau Hana at the House of Good Living, December 28, 2012
Pau Hana:  "pow HA-na"; a common Hawaiian expression translated literally as "work is done."  Frequently used to describe end of workday, Friday afternoons or any time/day of the week when surf is up and employees want to ditch their job.  You want a tile setter to finish your travertine floor installation?  Sorry, it's pau hana.  Did the landscapers cut down the rampant foliage overtaking your view?  No, brah.  Pau hana.  It's a convenient expression.  Laundry piling up but paddleboard calling my name?  It's pau hana, Greg.  Gotta go ~ you can pull the sheets out of the dryer, right?!

We just finished a good day here at the House of Good Living. Started out by taking an amble up the road to a lime tree where we filled our pockets and then relished the fresh citrus smell on our hands the whole way back. (me:  Here, smell my fingers.  him:  NO.  Smell your OWN fingers!).

Then, really exciting happenings happened:  we launched the fleet ~ yellow kayak and paddleboard ~ and took turns falling off the latter.  Greg managed the calm seas just fine but the waves did a number on his balance.  He developed a little dance during which he'd twist left and dip right before prancing right off the back of the board.  We could YouTube it and make a mint, I'm sure.

Kahekili Beach was next, courtesy of Jeff and Joan (this whole car-less thing is working out GREAT thanks to car-generous neighbors).  Some sunning, snorkeling, reading, chatting, game playing ... before we knew it, we'd spent the entire day "leisuring" ~ well, you can hardly call it "working" can you? ~ and it was Pau Hana time.  Spent almost entirely out of doors, our day was replete with the pleasurable sensations of warm waters, soft sand, fragrant foliage and fruit.  To conclude it with a good friends and a great sunset seemed almost an embarrassement of riches.
V & Joan enjoying Pau Hana game time

Whew.  What a day.   It's pau hana, baby.

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