Dec 29, 2012

Something wonderful

My beach sheet

Maui cousin Mino gave me a vivid green cotton beach sheet that I absolutely love.  It was designed right here  ~ thus, it's called a Maui Beach Sheet ~ by a woman named Jody Baldwin who creates gorgeous quilts and bedding with Polynesian themes.  Jody's textiles are vivid, divinely soft, and multi-purpose.  Take my beach sheet, for example:  the intended purpose is to provide a colorful, sand-free place from which to enjoy the beach but it could also be a sarong, table cloth, wall hanging, headdress.  With a good imagination, the applications are limitless.  A Maui Beach Sheet is way better than a musty old towel which can take forever to dry, plus it cleans easily and cheers me up just hanging on the bamboo drying rack.

Maui Beach Sheets by Jody Baldwin (
Here's one of the best parts about this delightfully colorful addition to the House of Good Living:  it's sold in two of the shops I love most on Maui - Hale Zen in Lahaina and Designing Wahine Emporium in Makawao.   These two shops are packed with island-themed home decor, body care, apparel and tropical fun stuff. You should come over and we'll take a couple of day to explore both places.  It would be such a great time .... come on, let's do it!

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