Dec 16, 2012

United Colors of Maui

Our arrival on Maui was late at night which meant we missed seeing the island's rainbow palette from the sky.    If you've visited Maui, you know what I'm talking about, right?  From overhead, the bright blue of the ocean gives way to brilliant greens of cane fields and tropical forest, broken by golden sand strung with roads painted red by Haleakala herself.  The spectrum of light can be a shock for eyes accustomed to wintertime Puget Sound's monochromatic landscape.

Waking to the hoarse crowing of a lone rooster at cousin Cyn's Kula retreat, we watched the sun's rays stretch across central Maui until they tangled with the clouds cloaking Iao Valley.  From our 1500' vantage point, the island colors softened to a warm glow under the avocado trees spread out on the horizon.

Cyn treated us to a vist to an upcountry produce stand where we picked up island-grown greens, onions, peppers, pineapples, citrus and this large Protea bouquet which now graces our dining table.

After loading Cyn's truck with all the Costco supplies that would fit, we sped our way around the Pali to the House of Good Living.  Toasting our arrival with fresh citrus-infused drinkies, we then sat back and marveled at this view and our good fortune.  What a wonderful, colorful adventure this visit will be.
Sunset from our lanai at the House of Good Living