Jan 4, 2013

Fruits of our labor

labored fruit
papaya and banana in top basket, citrus below

A couple of days ago we launched a sneak attack on the House of Good Living's papaya tree.  To clarify, in reverse order:
  • It's not really our papaya tree.  It's a volunteer started from seeds dropped by a resident Java Finch (love that bird), that sprouted between the row of palms lining our walkway.  Papaya trees grow really fast (I've written about them before, here) and fruit should be picked when it turns from dark to bright yellow/green.  Thus ....
  • Our sneak attack, or ~ as Greg called it ~ "our strategically timed fruit extraction event" needed to happen silently and quickly.  You know, sneakily.  Here's why:  this tree grows right alongside the walkway onto which everyone's front doors and bedroom windows open.  This fruit had been ripening right there - just out of arm's reach of everyone passing by.  We wanted to pick it without anyone noticing because ... well, there's really no good reason.  We just felt like being sneaky.  
I wish I had a better story.  The fruit was there for anyone to pick.  No one was picking it.  Thus ... us.  And our stealthy, greed-motivated fruit extraction event.  There. I confessed. We were being greedy.  People were letting a little thing like a 25' tree height get in the way of picking fruit that was going to rot on the stem otherwise.  So we silently, carefully, sneakily removed the ripest fruit and left the rest for someone else to pick.  How did we manage this without anyone being the wiser?  I'll just say that it took a paddle board leash, a paddle and extraordinary balance by Greg.  Use your imagination!

Actually, the papaya poaching was just the latest in a series of fruit-based activities.  Cousin Mino gave us beautiful box of island-grown citrus upon our arrival which we've augmented with on our walks to the abandoned lime tree down the road.  The House of Good Living has two enormous banana bunches from which we've been harvesting the past week, too.  Very little effort expended in gathering results in a great return of fruity enjoyment.  That's how easy ~ and delicious ~ life is here.

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