Jan 19, 2013

Fun on a stick

Shrewd observers with keen eyes can tell when it's been a particularly good day at the House of Good Living. Around here it's possible to calculate the adventure index by counting the number of beach items in occupancy on the bamboo ladder.  When capacity is exceeded and the overflow takes up real estate on chairs and table, we know it's been an exceptional day!
Yesterday's splendid array serves to illustrate this principle.

  • requisite towels and beach sheet
  • snorkel set ~ times two
  • swimming suit ~ times four.  Why four?  'Cause there's few things less enjoyable than putting a wet suit back on after removing it to take a break from ocean activity. Yesterday was a two suit per person day
  • swim fins ~ times two
  • mesh beach bag suitable for carting lotion, books, gear, snacks, H2O
  • bag of golf balls
  • sun umbrella
Inquiring minds may ask:  Why a ladder and not a clothes line?  Fair question.  Answer:  We're a small, small part of paradise here; going vertical with our wet stuff allows horizontal enjoyment of our oceanfront lanai (i.e. Greg's nap space is sacrosanct :).

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