Jan 21, 2013

I sure miss these guys

from left to right:
Opus the Amazing, unknown labradoodle,
Milo the terror, and our beloved, noble Raymond
Life at the House of Good Living requires sacrifice.  A really big sacrifice.  I'm not talking about lifestyle: we adjust to the transition from 3600 squares to 568 squares with little difficulty.  It's much harder be 2 hours and 2600 miles away from dear friends and family.  The really, really hard part of being out here in paradise is leaving our best-est friend (and his canine cohorts) way back there across the ocean.  Raymond (Opus, Milo and unknown Labradoodle from Leavenworth) ~ WE MISS YOU.

See that picture over there .............

That was taken tonight.  In our mainland house.  Without us there to enjoy the anticipation of whatever treat was poised over their collective and hairy heads.  It's SO hard to be away from our pup(pies).  Thank you and MAHALO to our dear friends (the lovely Claus and Turid) who are watching over our beloved dog and his pals.  We're very sorry the sewer pump isn't working and that you have to go to the garage to flush the toilets. The dogs look good, though!  Keep up the good work.

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