Jan 3, 2013

Our roommate(s)

Arthur the anthurium
We live small here in the House of Good Living.  Bed, bath, kitchen, entertaining and living space all take up less than 560 square feet.  Way back in '08 I wrote about the benefits (and one drawback) of living small and my enjoyment of our compact home continues today.

Not unlike spending time on a boat, one has to discover for oneself if this kind of life will work.  Can your wants be reduced to your basic needs?  Can you accept that efficiency takes priority over extravagance? We have systems that aid in the our enjoyment of these few hundred squares. The bed is made upon leaving it; shoes are stored under the entry table; and while we love to host pupu and dinner parties, our nightly occupancy is limited to two (visits from family don't count).

Then, Shirley brought Arthur into our lives.  Overnight we tossed our occupancy restriction and gained a roommate who's rosy face welcomes us every morning.  Artie ~ as Greg calls him ~ and his lava rock have taken up residency on a piece of Clay in Motion pottery (a wonderful gift in itself from Walla Walla cousins).  Artie is an anthurium, a tropical plant that thrives in our climate and offers long-lasting blooms surrounded by glossy heart-shaped leaves.  He's low-maintenance, requiring only a bit of water and protection from direct sun.  We take him to the lanai at night and suspect the mo'o likely go for swims in his basin.

Yep, the mo'o ... those rascals are still around.  I guess they're kinda our roommates, too.  Like Artie, they don't take up any room to speak of plus they have entertainment value a mere plant can't provide.  Our little home is now graced by a little plant and little bug-eating monsters.  There's a pleasant balance to that, isn't there?

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