Jan 25, 2013

Pupu Party

We're a convivial bunch here at the House of Good Living.  Give us a reason to gather and celebrate and we'll be there.  A couple of nights ago found us with time and opportunity so we proceeded to make festive with a poolside gathering.  It was really nice. All the men looked like Magnum P.I. Sort of ... if you squinted.

There are two common components of any such event:  men in Aloha shirts and a variety of Pupu.  It's likely you're already familiar with the whole brightly colored shirt thing.  It's just what's done here.  We can talk fabric and climate another time.  Pupu, on the other hand, may require an explanation, so here goes:  Way back when, before Costco and Whole Foods, people in Hawaii had to go hunting for their preprandial treats and often snacked on the periwinkle-like snails called "Pupu" that lined the seashore. Yum, right?

Today we understand Pupu to mean a delicious tidbit that would otherwise be called  hors d'oeuvres or canape' in any other locale.  Pupu can range from simple (a bowl of island-grown nuts) to stupendous (seared ahi sashimi) with most falling squarely in the tasty column.  At our little poolside party we enjoyed Pupu of all variety: grilled sausages, meatballs, stuffed 'shrooms, salmon roll-ups, deviled eggs ...all way, way better than freshly harvested sea snails.

A few of us gathered last evening, too.  Sharing a bowl of nuts over a game of dominoes we were serenaded by a neighbor who played his ukelele while the sun set.  Even without Magnum, that was a Pupu party to remember.  Big mahalos to J and J for the game and P for the music to watch the moon rise by.

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