Jan 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

There's been a whole lot of activity around the House of Good Living this week.  The Hays Ohana has upped the busy-ness factor by sixfold and the days have been racing by.  Good, fun, loud times.  Here's some of what has been keeping us hopping:
  • Greg attended the PGA Tournament of Champions held just up the road from us in Kapalua and came back with some excellent loot ~ I mean giveaways ~ from the pro shop. Golfers had to endure three days of start/stop play because of nasty weather. It must have sucked to get all primed to play, get a couple of holes into the day and then have play cancelled - day after day after day.  I'm guessing the pros all headed to the beach and had their caddies fetch fruity drinks instead of drivers and irons.  That's what I would have done.
  • Tiny Raymond caught a ride over the ocean with his Hays buddies.  He hangs out with Artie the anthurium these days.  Characteristically, he immediately located and claimed the most ball-shaped objects upon arrival.
  • Our men went fishing and came back skunked and sunburned.  Oh well.  They got a decent boat ride out of the adventure.  And saw whales.  And dolphins.  Since we're fish-less, we're continuing to plow our way through the coolers of roasts, loins and steaks brought from La Conner.  I understand leg of lamb is on tonight's menu.
  • I've been paddling, paddling and paddling.  Still falling in. Still loving it. Got little James out on the board this morning: "Let's go to the waves," he said.  All right, little dude!  So we did, to the consternation of Grandma Anne who we left on shore.
  • We're all about beaching.  Or, more accurately: sanding.  That's what beach time with kids is mostly about.  It's mind-boggling how much sand can be introduced to every orifice on a little one's body and then transferred to accompanying adults, towels, vehicles and ~ ultimately, shower basins.
  • Tiny Raymond and his citrus balls
  • There's been pool time, tour time, lots of delicious meal time and ~ thank goodness ~ nap time.  Throw in a couple of condo fix-it projects and a fun "adults' night out" at Dukes and this week has flown by.  All in all: good times!

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