Feb 21, 2013

Rainbows and Whales

Yesterday morning's rain shower seemed an inauspicious start to a day that included plans for sailing in search of whales.  Until the rainbows showed up, that is.  Don't you just love the promise of sun that every rainbow brings?  And sun we got ... so much sun that I'm sporting a very rosy nose and warm memories of a day spent with friends on a boat surrounded by whales. 

Here's how we attracted the whales:  We trolled, with men.  It worked really well.
Whale bait, Maui-style.  

Feb 20, 2013

Stripping and Flashing

guest bath re-painting in process
There's been a lot of activity this past week at the House of Good Living's auxillary address.  We officially took occupancy of our little grass shack seven days ago and the fun started right away with an inaugural dinner party followed by stripping.  Tinted window film stripping, that is.  It was thrilling to rip away at the bubbly, scratched and peeling window film.  It was much less exciting to find the adhesive underneath had bonded with the glass.  Many hours of solvent application later we now have window tint-free, if slightly smeary, views from the living area.

Simultaneous to my stripping activity, Greg got busy destroying the water leak-damaged wall in the guest bedroom.  It didn't take long to discover we possessed the same pipe problems that created the leak from above - a 3" cast iron water line which burst into a thousand rusty pieces upon contact.  Okaay ... what was to be a simple sheetrock replacement just got a little more complicated.
Something else complicating our life was the un-convertible island car that came with our new address.  It's Greg's favorite model and color of that particular automobile BUT the top was stuck in the boring "up" position.  In Greg's words: "It's NO fun going to the hardware store!"  I found an on-line forum and discovered that the mysterious fluid seeping from the visor hinge was likely hydraulic fluid leaking from a roof cylinder and voila ... we had lift off!  Greg's converting like crazy now.

Speaking of mysterious ... several nights in a row we awoke to the sight of the lanai ceiling fan whirring like crazy and were unable to turn it off.  Cue theme from the Twilight Zone.

Aside from these mysteries, there's been scraping, painting, flooring consulting, spackling, picture-hanging, much tossing out of silverfish-infested items in the storage area .... and, oh yeah ... a fair amount of celebrating!  Helping us with that important work have been beloved mainland visitors Bill & Libby and Joe & Brenda with whom we've enjoyed several extended pau hanas.  Cuz'n Cyn came for a (way too short) sleepover.  We managed to slip another House of Good Living poolside pupu party into the mix of activities and it just wouldn't have been a proper weekend without Sunday Dinner at Shirley's.  All good, good, celebratory times.  We are so blessed.

One last note about the past week ~ of all the unexpected pleasures of this new place, this probably tops my list: We're visited almost daily by sea turtles who pull up on the sandy beach below our lanai for an afternoon siesta.  They'll surf in on a wave, settle just above the water line, close their eyes and snooze for an hour or two while astounded beach goers stand around and stare.  I love it!  These creatures serve to remind me how important it is to take a moment and let the sun warm my stilled shoulders before the opportunity slips away.

Feb 11, 2013

Our little grass shack

We'll be moving here tomorrow
6th floor, corner with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 lanais
All that's missing is YOU
Well, dear ones ... tomorrow's the big day:  we officially move into our little grass shack.  It's been so long since I've posted that it may seem like we've dropped out of the blogosphere.  But we've had to spend the last two weeks re-thatching the roof, digging a new imu and sweeping dust out of the corners of this abandoned little beach house.

Okay ... slight exaggeration on the roof and oven business but that makes up for the huge understatement regarding dust.  The House of Good Living's new address was seriously in need of deep cleaning and I have the damaged manicure to show for it.  The tropics are no place to leave with food in the fridge.  'Nuf said, right?

Here we are:  Move-In Day's eve and I haven't shown you a single picture of where I'll be sharing my enjoyment of all things Maui from.  So, here goes ... Keep in mind there's much yet to be done (new flooring, new baths, new kitchen - little projects like those :).  

Our little grass shack's entry
(where I'll be found waiting for Greg)

dining area with living area in background

view from living area (that's "S Turns" surf spot in background)

lanai off living area (ocean on two sides)

view from master bedroom

master bathroom view ... bliss

guest bedroom (that means you!)

view from guest bedroom
Greg's checking on the bouganvilla

guest bedroom lanai

view from guest bath

Oh yeah, our Little Grass Shack comes with this

Feb 2, 2013

Change in plans

this is NOT our new place
Before I get to Our Big News there's a story you should hear (please bear with me if you've already endured it a million times).  Six years ago we came to Maui for a month-long winter holiday.  It was our first visit to funky little Honokowai and we were charmed by its quiet character.  So charmed were we that three weeks into our stay we found ourselves making an offer on a condo and converting our "holiday" into the four month-long House of Good Living renovation project. By the time we headed home, we'd acquired another condo and made plans to return for six months the following winter for that remodel.  Our stays since have taken all forms:  we've come for fun, for recovery, for projects and time with family.  And, every time we've opened the door and stepped inside we've felt grateful for the opportunity that January 2007 holiday brought our way.

This winter's visit has been marked by pleasant times with friends and gentle adventures.  It's been a wonderful, healing time and ~ last week's bout of cold notwithstanding ~ we knew we'd be returning home to the mainland stronger and more relaxed than we left.  What I didn't count on was returning later. (cue the  Big News trumpet) With. Another. Condo. It seems we're in the renovation project biz again.  

Gonna need a new name this time ... Little Grass Shack, maybe?!