Feb 2, 2013

Change in plans

this is NOT our new place
Before I get to Our Big News there's a story you should hear (please bear with me if you've already endured it a million times).  Six years ago we came to Maui for a month-long winter holiday.  It was our first visit to funky little Honokowai and we were charmed by its quiet character.  So charmed were we that three weeks into our stay we found ourselves making an offer on a condo and converting our "holiday" into the four month-long House of Good Living renovation project. By the time we headed home, we'd acquired another condo and made plans to return for six months the following winter for that remodel.  Our stays since have taken all forms:  we've come for fun, for recovery, for projects and time with family.  And, every time we've opened the door and stepped inside we've felt grateful for the opportunity that January 2007 holiday brought our way.

This winter's visit has been marked by pleasant times with friends and gentle adventures.  It's been a wonderful, healing time and ~ last week's bout of cold notwithstanding ~ we knew we'd be returning home to the mainland stronger and more relaxed than we left.  What I didn't count on was returning later. (cue the  Big News trumpet) With. Another. Condo. It seems we're in the renovation project biz again.  

Gonna need a new name this time ... Little Grass Shack, maybe?!

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