Mar 7, 2013

Eat Drink and be Maui

There's an interesting array of bumper stickers here in Maui.  We've got the ever-popular "Practice Aloha" and "Save Honolua" (a local surf spot threatened by development) and "Slow down. Dis not da the mainland" kind of message.  There's the scary one featuring an automatic weapon and "Defend Hawaii" warning. One I really enjoy is "Got Fish?" from the Honokowai Fish Market right down the road from The House of Good Living.  My current favorite is sported by the rent-a-wreck parked next to me right now:  "Eat Drink and Be Maui!"  Isn't that great? Carpe Diem, island-style.  The perfect statement for a perfect place.  We're taking that sentiment to heart tonight 'cause we got some serious relaxing due us. It's been a long, petro chemical-filled couple of weeks.  We're talking paint, people.  Paint.  Gallons and gallons of paint.  Every paintable surface in our new abode has now been coated (or re-coated) with a color that's not bright yellow.  That USED to be the color du jour here.  The anti-bright yellow brigade has waged war on the little grass shack and come away paint-speckled and weary but victorious.

No more yellow cabinetry!
In other news:

  • People in Hawaii are happy but have learned to be wary of wild chicken-created flight delays.  
  • Haiku cousins Mino, Jeremy, Leila and Savannah brought citrus bounty when they came for Sunday dinner this past weekend.  Mucho mahalo!
  • Our return to the mainland is in less than two weeks.  I've begun practicing being cranky in preparation for SUP withdrawal.  Greg is not amused.
  • Greg went out with a local canoe club yesterday and came back enthusiastic about joining the organization.  And a cracked rib.  Who knew paddling could result in bodily harm?

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