Oct 23, 2014


Maui's waiting for me on the other side of tomorrow which means it's countdown time here on the mainland.

Mail forwarded? Check.
Paper delivery stopped?  Got it.
Dog headed to Camp Scratch & Stick? Done and done.
Teleconferencing set up for committee and board meetings? Uhhh ... oops. DogGONE it. 

Best reason to head to Maui this time of year? I get to escape the PNW's every-falling rain. Hardest part of leaving the mainland? Managing my community volunteer work from 2600 miles away. Poor me, right?  

I'll let you in on a little secret: When I'm on that conference call for your 9 AM meeting on the mainland, it's 6 AM on Maui and I'm still in my pajamas. The noon luncheon meeting? I've progressed to swimsuit. And, by the 6 PM board meeting I'm probably relaxing post-beach, in my "conference chair" on the lanai, wearing a sarong. And no shoes. Definitely no shoes.

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