Nov 11, 2014

Big Surf Forecast

watching the surf at S-turns
A major NW swell is due to arrive today and it's being called the biggest surf of the season. That means we have perfect seats here at the House of Good Living for watching paddlers and surfers on the local-knowledge spots located right out front of us.

"Mushrooms" is a short ride that shallows quickly and gets a lot of beginners on SUPS which makes it something of a demolition derby at times. "S-Turns" is just a few hundred yards south and notable for it's own dangers; urchins, rocks and a fatal shark attack 10 years ago.

Today both spots are teeming with adventure seekers taking advantage of the big conditions. Being SUP-less this season (and banned from ocean activities until post-Shingles) I watch with gritted teeth as it seems everyone else is enjoying what I'd love to be doing. But then I consider how lucky I am to be here, watching the big beautiful waves roll in, and it (almost) makes it all better!

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