Nov 5, 2014

eat. beach. sleep. repeat.

There's a comfortable rhythm to most days at the House of Good Living. Yesterday was one of the more satisfying examples of just how soothing that tempo can be. The sun dawned, the waves rolled in and we wandered down to a favorite sandy spot for an afternoon of visiting and floating with friends.

The 5:30 AM telephone call this morning should have alerted us that today was going to have a decidedly different pattern.  Lost car parts, broken dishwashers, a missing microwave turntable (puhleeze, tell me how does a housekeeper misplace part of the microwave?) are all conspiring to keep me from the beach today. Our yin-yang of life here ~ with bright days and dark days ~ could use some improving upon. So, I'm going to take up the mantra: eat. beach. sleep. repeat .... eat. beach. sleep. repeat.

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