Nov 13, 2014

Fins to the left. Fins to the right!

Well, it happened again. Sharks and swimmers don't play well together and this afternoon's event vividly illustrates why.

What makes this shark encounter personal is that it happened at "our" beach. No, not the beach right out front of the House of Good Living (which was the site of a fatal shark attack a decade ago and more recently this attack). Rather, it occurred directly offshore our favorite spot to gather with friends and watch "Beach TV"~ the always entertaining spectacle featuring visitors and locals alike.

Today's water conditions were suspiciously "sharky" from the beginning; big surf churned up the bottom and light rain diminished visibility further. When the water's like this, we opt to stay out of the waves. Most of the surfers out front made the same decision and the break was empty by noon. The reason: the lower the visibility, the more likely some big creature will bump into you by mistake. And then, in trying to figure out what it's just bumped into, will take a nibble to see if it tastes good. We try to avoid getting bumped into.

I'm certain the man who was bitten today would argue the point BUT there's very little reason to fear a shark attack on Maui. In fact, it's not believed that the creatures actively seek out swimmers. Turtles, yes. And people sitting on surfboards with feet dangling, maybe. However, you're more likely to be killed by a coconut or lightening strike or volcanic eruption than by a shark when on vacation in Hawaii. That last sentence doesn't make for great tourism campaign language, does it? But I hope it can provide a measure of reassurance for our guests. Let's try again: "Stay out of murky water and watch out for volcanoes." Is that better?

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  1. I was having Vanessa withdrawals, so I decided to check out your blog. I love it! The weather has been beautiful and sunny here, but very COLD, freezing in fact. Sorry to hear about the shingles, hope you're on the mend soon! Tell Greg Aloha!! Cheers! Renata