Nov 11, 2014

Fish Tales

Greg's bigeye tuna
Sashimi. Sushi. Poke.
These words thrill me because each can feature the ruby-colored flesh of my favorite fish ~ Ahi (aka Yellowfin or Bigeye tuna). Firm and mild flavored, Ahi has a silky texture and is an excellent source of healthy, extra-lean protein. Even better, it's sustainably fished here in Hawaii.

We went fishing* a few days ago and came home with a beautiful 12 pounder.  Greg worked magic with his fillet knife, converting the fish into steaks, poke and ready-to-eat sashimi. He went traditional with the poke; a little soy sauce, onion, sesame oil and avocado to garnish ...voila! Taste sensation. Next up was our sashimi. A little less traditional this time, he prepared the ahi steak by rolling it in lightly crushed black pepper and garlic. A hot pan with olive oil was at the ready but the fish just got a kiss on all sides before transferring to a cutting board for thin slicing.  Served with lime-dressed avocado, sticky rice and wasabi, the ahi was indescribably delicious. If I'd not known what it started life as, I'd have guessed it was grilled portabella mushroom or filet mignon.

fishing*: our preferred method is to visit Lahaina harbor and use a $20 bill as bait

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