Nov 8, 2014

Moon(ing) over Maui

Moon-set between Molokoai & Lanai
I've shared before how much we enjoy the technicolor sunsets our West Maui vantage point provides during winter months. The accompanying day's end ritual contribute to the sense that each approaching twilight is an event to be honored. There's a quiet gratification in setting aside time to say "mahalo" to the day and "aloha" to the night. Spending time in a place where that happens at each day's end helps me honor and mark the gifts of the past 24 hours.

This past week's waxing moon and very early morning moon-sets deserved the same celebration. Thanks to an early morning telephone call (folks: 7 am in Washington State is 5 am in Hawaii), I was able to enjoy the occasion. Mahina was at her most serene in that last hour before she dipped into the sea. The sky over the mountains was brightening with a new day even as the moon hung in the clouds at ocean's edge. A single bird song proclaimed night was done and the moon's job completed.

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