Nov 19, 2014

Moving On

My man and his German love machine

Our relationship with cars at the House of Good Living is, in Facebook vernacular "complicated." We've flirted with, dated, committed to and experienced heartbreaking separation from quite a few vehicles over the past eight years.

For a time, a rugged Ford 150 made endless trips to the landfill with our construction debris and I confess to having a bit of a crush on that bad boy. But, as often happens, the tough attitude signaled a rough ride down the road so he rumbled back Upcountry without us.

We filled the gap with an SUV shipped from the mainland and that rig took to Hawaii in nothing flat. Quickly bedecked with turtle stickers and rainbow plates, the Exploder was the stereotypical beach buggy, right down to the miasma created by wet dive gear anytime the windows were closed for more than an hour.

I lost a little bit of my heart when that relationship ended and, as can too often happen, filled the gap with an unsuitable infatuation - a Mazda Miata. Maybe it could have worked. We might have had something that wasn't completely wrong IF the trunk wasn't already filled with a gigantic amp and IF the ragtop hadn't been permanently vented by holes. As it was, that darling little car couldn't be held by the bounds of earth and flew off the road to Hana, captured again, temporarily, by a tree. Fly, white dove. Fly.

Car du jour is in our life because Greg man-crushed on it from his very first sighting. He managed to structure a condo purchase to include the beauty and (just speculating here) was more excited to have the car keys handed over than the title to the condo. Can't fault the man for his taste ~ it's a gorgeous European and super fun to drive. However, like many beautiful objects of affection, it's high maintenance and tends to withhold if left too long without attention. At first it was just a little pout and sulk. But as time (without daily petting) went on, the bitch began throwing major tantrums. We began talking about a car divorce after a paroxysm of spite left me covered in hydraulic fluid. The surreptitious search for a suitable replacement felt a bit like illicit love.

After so many attempts at a healthy relationship, it feels like we've finally landed on the right partner; strong and reliable, not so handsome as to attract punitive envy, capacious enough to camp in ... this one feels exactly right. We brought it home a couple of days ago and it already feels like we've slipped into our own skin. Even better, it's ability to twist time/space creates a black hole into which I'm able to dump endless quantities of Costco-sized paper goods. Maybe this is indeed "The One" for us.
Count 'em: 8 crates of tissue and towels just behind the back seat!

Just in case you're considering a car on Maui:
If you're planning a long trip, Maui's version of rent-a-wreck has decent deals for long stays. It has provided our main method of transportation for quite a few visits. We have managed a two month stay by using bicycles, the bus and carjacked friends but recommend renting a car unless you're willing to give up control of your schedule.

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