Nov 2, 2014

Our open door policy

Aloha ~ Come on in!
We keep our doors open here in the House of Good Living. Lanai doors, front doors, bedroom doors; they're only closed if we're away for a while. It would feel reckless to do this back on the mainland. However, here on Maui an open door invites cooling trade breezes, flower-scented air and the sound of the ocean's rhythms.

Infrequently, random passers-by will use that open door as an invitation to enter.  Like the old dude who ten minutes ago just stepped in, took his shoes off and looked around before it dawned on him he was an entire floor off his intended destination. Aloha, confused old guy. Have a nice day.

It's this kind of casual approach that contributes to my (admittedly subjective) definition of quality of life. When I relax my need to control what happens next and open the door for anything, anyone, anytime, I find myself a little closer to a state of gratification. That open door has led to watching a sun set and the stars shine in the company of others who value a simple evening.  It allows me to spend days within earshot of waves. 22 years ago an opened door brought me a partner in adventuring, floating and learning.

Most recently, that door has served as a portal for lessons in patience and acceptance which piggybacked their way into my life in the form of Shingles. Or as Greg calls it: Vanessa's leg herpes. Who the heck takes a vacation and comes down with Shingles? I'd been attributing the pain in my backside to the fall off a ladder I took the day before arriving on Maui. But a weekend beach visit revealed a suspicious blistery rash on my thigh and today I'm feverish, achy and cranky. The first two are a result of the virus, the latter because the ocean is verboten to me.  Maybe even for weeks, according to the doctor.

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