Nov 4, 2014

Our week in review

Nov 3, 2014 sunset from House of Good Living
We've been enjoying a series of technicolor sunsets this past week ~ the kind that herald winter is coming to the Hawaiian islands. 
Winter is Coming

There's a bunch of science to explain why our twilight is more brilliant in winter than in summer and even more science to explain the role of volcanic particles, relative humidity and photochemicals. Whatever. Maybe knowing the whys would increase the wonder but I'm thinking it's all quite pretty without the details. 

It's common practice to pause and watch the sun set, saying "mahalo" to the day and "aloha" to night with ceremonial conch blowing. Our Valley Isle neighbors do themselves proud every night with bugle-quality breathwork. It seems a peculiar skill but it does lend a certain ancient quality to the sunset ritual. 

Another ritual realized this past week: my
new blue slippahs
annual slippah acquisition. The "Locals" I prefer to slap around in were on sale at Times for a paltry $5.58. Happy, happy. Greg's delicate arches require more substantial footwear that cost ten times the price of my bright plastic flippity flops. Lucky me.

Our week wrapped up with a homage to one of our favorite Maui activities: Sunday Dinner at Shirley's. We've enjoyed seven years of gathering as Maui family to share meals and stories. However, now that Shirley (we love you Gram!) has moved back to the mainland, the title's been modified to "Sunday Dinner at (insert location)". Could be the beach, could be poolside or could be right back on our own lanai. It's not so much the "where" as the "why" ~ the opportunity to gather with friends and count up the blessings.
Sunday Dinner with the Ohana

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