Nov 20, 2014

Passionate Fruits

Lilikoi Lani's front lanai overlooking tropical gardens
Earlier this week we were introduced to one of the most beautiful upcountry homes you'll find in the islands: Lilikoi Lani Maui. Located on a verdant two acres, this boutique vacation rental is just a couple minutes from historic, hip, Makawao. The handsomely appointed home and cottages were inspired by Maui's plantation era and balance the charm of yesteryear with the luxuries sophisticated travelers dreams of. I'd happily spend days rocking on the front lanai!

Our hostess was the home's lovely owner ~ Colleen. She graciously shared tropical treasures from the trees which surround the home and give the property it's name ~ the Lilikoi. You may know this delicacy by another name: Passionfruit. Rich in fiber, vitamin A and iron, the lilikoi or passionfruit is full of health benefits and antioxidants.

lilikoi martini
This exotic fruit is quintessentially Hawaiian: tangy, sweet, abundantly found on vines threading their way through guava or lime trees, and used in a variety of delicious ways including baked goods, fruit butter, syrup, ice cream and marinade for meats. And ~ last but not least ~ our current favorite application: refreshing adult beverages.

We'd hardly walked through the door at the House of Good Living before Greg was going all ninja on three beautiful yellow lilikoi (lilikoius?). It was easy to determine which fruit were ripest; all it took was a shake to tell if the flesh was at it's juiciest, jiggliest stage and then off went its head. Greg stirred up the contents (a blend of citrus-flavored flesh and floral-scented juice with digestible seeds) before adding a shot of martini-quality gin to one, margarita-making tequila to another and rum to the last. Each drowned fruit then went into the freezer for an hour before re-emerging as single-serving lilikoi shots, organic style. The result: fresh squeezed deliciousness in nature's own packaging.
3 drunken fruits
Had it not been for the generosity Colleen shared with us, we would have missed out on experiencing a beautiful place and the tropical tastes that will now always bring Lilikoi Lani Maui to mind.  Please, check out this vacation rental on Facebook or VRBO if you're considering a family or group holiday on Maui.

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