Nov 28, 2014

Rainbow Friday Wrap-Up

No Black Friday for us on this day after Thanksgiving ~ there are rainbows in every direction we look this morning!
There's been some serious feasting at the House of Good Living this past week, culminating in last night's poolside Thanksgiving potluck ~ 2 turkeys, 20 lbs of mashed spuds ~ it was quite the meal!

It's always good times and good food with our Hawaiian ohana at Hale Ono Loa.
Cousin Cyn shared her lovely self with us this past week, too. And I practiced my daily meditations with some new friends in the koi pond right outside our front door.
The open air lounge alongside the pond & fountains is filled with bird song and gentle breezes in the morning.
Even our stormiest days at the House of Good Living have a bit of sun somewhere.

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