Nov 3, 2014

To GO or not to GO

Buckled up and ready to GO
"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

I've read this unattributed quote over the years and each time it make more sense. The drawback advantage of partnering with a man who's never met a trip he doesn't want to take is that I've learned firsthand the truth in those words.  I'm a homebody who'd often prefer to nest with a good book, married to a man who often prefers to see what lies beyond. 

We've had to arrive at a balance. I find meaning in planning and preparing. Greg values the freedom of spontaneity. Sharing what I learn provides structure to our travel while he stretches my natural inclination to stay within the comfort of the familiar. As a result, I think we both come away a fuller appreciation of the experience we've shared. But, oh boy, is it sometimes a test.

Despite the distance, journeying to the House of Good Living doesn't really fall into the "travel resulting in riches" column as it's more a commute than an adventure. However, once we've arrived and settled in, the familiar sights and sounds of our Maui "home" elicit a release of tension unlike anywhere I've ever been. My exploit-seeking partner contents himself with long soaks in 83* ocean waters and daily treks to the lime tree. As for "happiest-when-nesting" me? Well, I'm checking out Google Earth for best routes to our next escapade. 

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