Nov 12, 2014

Wedding Crashers

We broke a bunch of etiquette rules yesterday and showed up, uninvited, at someone's beach wedding. Terribly rude, right?

Getting "Maui'd" is a popular method of sealing the deal between two lovebirds and the wedding industry is big business here in the islands. Search Pinterest or Google for "Maui Beach Wedding" and you'll find a panoply of lovely, surf and sunset filled images of gorgeous people tying the knot. Glowing brides, swaying palms, fragrant flower leis ~ all the images seem to suggest that every day will be a holiday once married. As it should be.

When we heard that a distant cousin was getting married just down the beach from the House of Good Living it seemed like a good idea to crash the party. Gathering up two leis (orchid for the groom and tuberose for the bride), we tried to arrive as inconspicuously as possible, using palm trees as cover until popping out onto the grass at the beach park. Our timing was a little off and our unexpected presence elicited considerable surprise from the bride when we arrived mid-ceremony. Awkward.

To be clear, we weren't the only uninvited guest; cousin Cyn had also dropped in. But I think she received a quasi-invite via Facebook so perhaps she was expected. We definitely weren't included in the plans and have to give big kudos to the celebrants for their warm welcome and graciousness. The bride was beautiful, the groom most handsome and their family absolutely delightful. We wish them a happy Hawaiian honeymoon and joy-filled life together. And may they be saved the surprise of uninvited second cousins from all future events.
Maui'd cousins

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