Nov 28, 2015


plentiful pleasure
My plate overfloweth.

Being Thanksgiving weekend and all, perhaps the image of a full-to-the-edge, bending-in-the-middle, heaped up paper plate more likely suggests a tryptophan-induced nap than a feeling of contented satiation. Oh well, I'm going with it 'cause here at the House of Good Living, the abundance that's resulted from a decision to simplify defies the laws of physics ~ just like that turkey/spud/stuffing-laden Chinette.

my happy place
Case in point: my closet.
One week ago I had two of them. Each packed with the PNW-appropriate shades of grey fleece, down vests, woolen wear, knee boots and scarves designed to help one survive winter. Two entire closets filled with layers of head to toe gloom-wear. Today, my closet is so darned cheerful it makes me smile. Happy colors, bright batik prints ... an entire wardrobe taking up one tenth of the real estate last week's garb required. Yet, so abundantly joyful.

And, our garden.
We both love to play in the dirt, wearing gloves rendered finger-less by happy sessions of digging, weeding, planting some blooming thing in every square foot outside our mainland house. So many of those plants were donations from others' already-full gardens, each with a story of who/why it came to be in our landscape. Titus's rose, Bev's iris, Aunt Jo's succulents ~ the memory of giver and gift doubled my pleasure when out of doors. Today's "garden" contains a single cucumber, strawberry, basil, rosemary, oregano and TWO tomato plants, ornamented with favorite
my other happy place
blown glass garden art. Happy abundance in simple flower pots.

Thirty years ago a wise friend was the first I heard proclaim "a man's wants are many but his needs are few." His words couldn't ring more true than they do, for me, today. The opportunity to disentangle an increasingly complicated life, to practice reducing "want" through a healthy fulfillment of "need" has resulted in such unexpected abundance. That plenitude and the gifts of Greg's improving health, beloved friends & family plus this crazy beautiful place crowd my plate to overflowing.

Grateful, sated, lavishly blessed. That's us,

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