Nov 24, 2015

I'm not missing you at all

One third of our family remains on the mainland. Writing that sentence hurts my heart.

The transient nature of this winter's stay at the House of Good Living creates too many complications for a comfort-craving, heat-sensitive golden retriever. Therefore, Raymond is enjoying a long stay at Camp Dassel. Great for him, good for us, a whole lot of extra hairballs for Claus and Turid. Ray loooooves to stay at Dassels. So much so that all it takes is pointing the car towards their house and he goes all bouncy and squeaky. A stay at Dassels means cuddling on the sofa, morning snuggles in bed, and long "go ahead and sniff all you want" strolls around the neighborhood.

Just a typical Tuesday morning at Camp Dassel
Despite knowing how well cared for and loved our golden boy is, there's a big dog-shaped hole in our lives.

Our best friend/crewmate is a 9 year-old orange wonder who's habits and needs have defined our days and enriched our lives ever since we adopted him as a "career change" (i.e. flunk out) from an assistance dog program. We consider that one of the luckiest events ever to occur for us. We brought Ray home on the same day Greg was discharged from a hospitalization. It didn't take long to discover that this "transitioned" service dog was alerting in each instance before Greg's health took a downturn. Raymond's been a barometer and a comfort for Greg ever since; a furry security blanket whenever he's needed.

Summer's gift of improving health for Greg has given us the opportunity to spend more time on Maui but it comes at the cost of losing our daily dose of puppy love. Were it not for the assurance that our wonder dog is receiving the ultimate in loving attention (Handmade snack, anyone? It's sofa time!) we would be back on the mainland this moment. We're pretty darned certain we're only a fond memory in Ray's furry mind given his current residency in doggie nirvana.

Thank you ~ Claus and Turid ~ for the daily photos assuring us that Raymond isn't missing us at all. Go ahead ~ let him on the sofa. He's earned it.

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