Jan 30, 2016


It's day 8 of my Maui circumnavigation. After tonight I'll hang up my camping headlamp and stow the
adventure gear. Hobo the Honda will be restored to his usual 'condo service vehicle' status and I'll have unlimited power outlets at my disposal. This (sometimes seemingly endless) trip will be finished.

I'll be reunited with Greg in a few days and together we'll travel the length of another coastline on the other side of this ocean. There will be time over the next couple of weeks to convert my notes from this experience into a list of recommended stops, stays, sights and selected reading for anyone interested in a similar exploration of Maui's east side.

But right now, I plan on enjoying a sunset and all that comes with it on this final night of island trekking. There's an entire symphony of sounds out here tonight:  From across the grassy tent grounds I'm being treated to the bright nimble song of a ukulele against the background of children playing hide-and-seek in the trees. I have the stereo effect of my protection pig* snorting behind my tentalow and the susurration of waves kissing beach sand out front.

This marvelous island just keeps giving me more gifts.

*my protection pig showed up yesterday, within an hour of dear friends expressing concern about my security while camping. The pig has tried to bite me, twice. I'm not sure that I feel any safer in his presence.

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