Oct 14, 2016

Morning People

Molokai waking up, Oct 14, 2016
Do you wake up easily, agreeably and eager to begin the day?
Or are you in the camp who believes that if people were meant to pop out of bed in the morning they should sleep in toasters?

Is this an "us" vs "them" issue for you? Can we still be friends if I tell you that my middle name is "Dawn?"

My first wage-paying job required that I report for work at 4:45 AM. I was 14 years old. It sucked a LOT to be the only kid in the neighborhood who needed to go to sleep before full dark and eliminated the possibility of advancing my crush on David next door beyond the wishing stage. It also effectively set in place the pattern of waking early, ready to roll with the day**.

Waking with the dawn here at the House of Good Living means I get to watch Molokai brighten with the rising sun. It's a slow, warm, green coloration change that symbolizes everything a new day is supposed to mean, IMHO.

Dawn. I guess that's me.

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